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Brainstorming-Sharing Ideas for Using Voicethread in the Classroom

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Please add/share more ideas as you think of them.  Add links to any Voicethreads you create that you would be willing to share!


  • Book talks that can be shared in the library or classrooms (or on a school/library website)
  • Our school year in 12 pictures (one for each month)
  • Research on countries - compare to our own country
  • Partner project with another school - create Voicethreads about your school and/or community to share with your partner class. Find a partner class by registering your class here.
  • Hero project - create a voicethread about your hero
  • Math casts, Science labs, project reflections
  • Digital Storytelling - creative writing
  • Digital portfolios - work samples over the course of a term or school year
  • Using "Inferring" books to collaborate on a project (storywriting)
  • Battle of the Books projects
  • Graduation - reflections on where you're from (First Nations Bands, etc.)
  • Assessment - authentic data, showing growth over time
  • Differentiated instruction
  • An ABC e-book on a topic (each "page" in the Voicethread is a different letter of the alphabet)


Find inspiration in Tom Barrett's presentation, "26 Interesting Ways to us Voicethread in the Classroom"



And remember.... no matter what technology you are using, there will always be glitches, goof-ups, and frustration when things don't always work.  Keep in mind that we live in pretty amazing times when we can create work like this at the click of a button and share it across the world within minutes.  If you feel like throwing in the towel on a "bad Internet" day, watch this video for a good laugh and feel grateful when you think about how amazing having free access to tools like Voicethread actually is!!!

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